Maltby Pro Site Scanning System allows you to track your sites from commencement to completion, distributing the information to any parties that require it.

Documentation is critical for any new construction project. Stakeholders, such as the general contractor and the owner, need documentation to verify the construction is being performed to standards and according to design. Verification based on good documentation lowers the amount of rework​ due to error. Finally, when the building is complete, the facility manager can review documentation to find critical maintenance information and save valuable time and money.

Using Maltby Pro 3D Site Scan is an ideal solution for construction documentation. A 3D Space offers an immersive and interactive 3D experience that’s easier to manage than thousands of 2D photos. Key features for the construction industry include:

  • Take measurements from the 3D Space​ with 99% accuracy
  • Export point clouds, floor plans, and reflected ceiling plans to CAD/BIM programs ​such as AutoCAD and Revit
  • Tag the 3D Space to create visual punch lists and operation manuals
  • Link to specific spots in the 3D Space to communicate to stakeholders exactly where the problem is

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Scan a space
Maltby Pro site scan makes capturing every detail of a space lightning fast and incredibly easy.


Upload a space
Move scans to the cloud, where they are automatically transformed into 3D models.


Share a space
Distribute your 3D site scan model. Link, embed or publish it to Google Street View or MLS listings.