This online training course is designed for all levels of staff and provides the user with information on what a whistleblower is, the laws surrounding whistleblowers, and what constitutes as whistleblowing. The course aims to teach the user how to handle and store disclosure records and the importance of following up once they have raised a concern.

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Modern Slavery

This online Modern Slavery Training will provide understanding on the various terms that ‘modern slaver’ covers and understand what slavery is. Learners will also find out what their organisation can do to help eliminate slavery in the UK. This training has IOSH Approval and is endorsed by Skills for Care. This training will help your organisation to show commitment to …


GDPR Refresher

Want to refresh your GDPR Training? This GDPR Refresher course is the perfect course for those who have already undertaken GDPR Training, or have a good understanding of the GDPR and are in need of a refresher programme to recap their understanding of the regulation and work towards compliance with the principles of data protection.

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GDPR Essentials

Everyone who handles personal data must have a broad understanding of the General Data Protection Regulation, or GDPR – which is all about keeping personal data safe and protecting the interests of the people whose data it is. For those employees that have to handle data for work, this training course will teach you about the fundamental requirements needed to …

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Fraud Awareness & Prevention

This online training course provides crucial information and advice about what employees can do to help protect your organisation from fraud. The course aims to explain exactly what fraud is, give tips on how to recognise fraud, how to prevent it, what defences you can put in place to guard against external fraud and finally, how to report fraudulent activity.

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Environmental Awareness

The Environmental Protection Act 1990 and the Environment Act 1995 state that anybody who produces, handles, or disposes of waste must ensure it’s done so safely & properly. Businesses that do not comply can be given fines or even prison sentences. Therefore, it is essential that all employees understand their responsibilities under current legislation. This online training course gives the …

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Cyber Security Awareness

This online training course should be used by all employees within an organisation. It offers straightforward practical steps that will help to protect an organisation from cyber attacks. The course aims to help the user understand how security breaches can occur, what to do to prevent cyber attacks, and how to identify security weaknesses and strengthen them.

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Customer Service Skills

The online Customer Service Training course aims to help users provide high-quality customer service by offering them best-practice techniques when it comes to interacting with customers. This CPD Accredited online course can be completed in as little as 35 minutes and provides the user with a printable certificate upon completion of the end-of-training test.

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Consumer Rights

This online training course should be used by individuals who work for an organisation that provides a service. It will help them to better understand consumer law, customer’s rights, and the legal standards they must meet. The course aims to help the user understand how to resolve any disputes, know the liability they hold when it comes to services, and …

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Bomb Threats

This online training course is designed for the use of all employees. It explains to the user that it is essential to remain alerted to the possibility of terrorism in the workplace. The course, which is broken down into two sections, covers how to react to a telephone bomb threat and what information should be collected for the police, how …