Moving & Handling People

This online Moving and Handling training explains the process of moving someone safely and gives step-by-step guidance, showing the most common lifts and moves. This training is ideal for those working in the care sector, where moving and handling people are regular occurrences.


Medication Awareness in Care & Education

This Medication Awareness Training course is specifically targeted at care workers who look after residents in a care home. It provides an overview of how to manage residents’ medical needs; the legal responsibilities involved; and how to deliver, store, and dispose of medication and effectively manage doses.


Manual Handling including Tyres

This online Manual Handling Including Tyres training teaches you all you need to know about Moving and Handling safety and includes a specialised section with specific techniques for moving and lifting TYRES. Work towards compliance with current legislation with our CPD accredited course.

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Manual Handling

This Manual Handling Training course teaches users to understand what is meant by safe manual handling. Competency in safe carrying and lifting techniques for the workplace is a legal requirement, and this course provides the user with everything they must know. This eLearning course can help to ensure that employees are following best practices and can help reduce the chances …

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Lone Working OUT of the Workplace

This online training course is designed to be used by employees who, however frequently, operate by themselves outside of the workplace. A good example of this is a delivery driver. This course aims to help the user plan a safe route, how to stay in control when they may experience aggression, and have an understanding of the benefits of a …

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Lone Working IN the Workplace

With roughly 6 million people in the UK being considered “lone-workers”, there are many considerations employers of lone workers have to make in order to comply with the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974. This online training course teaches the user how to stay in control of difficult situations where you might experience aggression whilst lone working, as well …

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This online training course aims to teach the user how they can best avoid accidents during any lifting operations in their workplace. It can cost an organisation up to £250,000 if they do not comply with LOLER. This course will help the user to plan safe lifting operations, select the correct equipment, and show their commitment to current legislation.

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Legionella Awareness

Around 250 people in the UK are diagnosed with Legionnaires disease each year, and although this can normally be treated with antibiotics, it can lead to long term health problems and even death. This course is designed to help users understand the risks of exposure to legionella bacteria. Additionally, this course is useful for those who are responsible for protecting …

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Ladder Safety

In the UK, ladders account for roughly 40% of accidents that are a result of falling from height. Evidently, employers need to provide their staff with the knowledge on how to safely use a ladder, as well as how to conduct a pre-check before using a ladder. This, in turn, will help organisations to reduce the risk of a fall …

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Infection Prevention & Control

Regardless of what industry you operate in, infection prevention is an incredibly important topic for employees to understand. It is essential that staff know the risks, how to stay safe, and how to keep themselves and everyone around them free of infection. This online training course teaches the user about what infections are, where they come from and how to …