Become CHAS Accredited

What is CHAS?
CHAS is the Contractors’ Health and Safety Assessment Scheme. It is the UK’s number one authority and trusted advisor on Health & Safety compliance. The CHAS accreditation scheme acts as a pre-qualification tool during the tender process. The majority of companies and organisations require you to be CHAS accredited before they allow you to tender for works.

What are the benefits of being CHAS accredited?
CHAS will help your business in many ways:

  • It improves your professional image, allowing you to win work. Many companies request CHAS accreditation before tender.
  • Will add value to your business. You are showing you take Health & Safety and wellbeing seriously in your industry.
  • Your business will affiliate with the SSIP.
  • Join more than 30,000 contractors who are CHAS accredited.
  • Cut down time consuming process of tendering for new work.

How can Maltby Pro help you?
The application process to become CHAS accredited can seem quite daunting, particularly if it is your first application. It can be a lengthy process and you might find you haven’t got the time to go through the application yourself. Do not worry! We are experts in CHAS and we can take the hassle away from you. We can identify any gaps in your documentation before you even apply. Maltby Pro will provide you with support and guidance from beginning to end, ensuring you are deemed compliant and remain in accordance with the CHAS accreditation body. For companies with fewer than 5 employees, the application can be quite simple, with costs remaining low. For companies with more than 5 employees, we provide an all-in service, which caters for the exact needs of larger firms.

Please contact us for more information or fill in the boxes on the right to find out how we can help you get CHAS accredited.

“Maltby Pro will provide you with support and guidance from beginning to end.”