Fire Warden training

Fire Warden Training with Maltby Professional Services

Fire awareness is one of the most important (and legally required) aspects of Health & Safety. Without proper training, not only are you putting yourself, your employees and your colleagues in danger, you also risk breaking the law.

The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 stipulates that no matter the industry, organisation or business, all non-domestic premises across England and Wales must have adequate fire safety training. The law states that all businesses must appoint a Fire Warden, a ‘Responsible Person’ in charge of ensuring a fire-safe work environment. The Order additionally details that the Responsible Person must also have a nominated person to assist in the protective and preventive procedures. They must have undergone sufficient Fire Warden training.

The Fire Warden can be anyone who has a degree of control of the premises or certain areas and has been nominated and trained sufficiently. They:
Are in charge of monitoring the workplace and identifying any potential fire hazards.
Should ensure key safety measures such as fire alarms, signs and firefighting equipment are adequately in place.
Must keep everyone in the building safe and follow proper evacuation in the event of a fire emergency.

The Maltby Professional Services Fire Warden training course has been carefully curated to help you with all the statutory requirements of fire safety assessments and strategies. 

What you will learn:
Fire safety awareness: the specific effects of fire on both people and buildings and the significance of fire safety. A comprehensive understanding of how different types of fires start and spread. 
The legal stuff: obligations and steps necessary to fulfil the requirements of The Fire Safety Order. 
Fire Warden duties: preventative checks and measures, including signage and the records that need to be kept; how to carry out and the methods of evacuation, including persons with additional needs i.e., mobility issues. 
How to use fire-fighting equipment: training and instruction on the use of fire extinguishers and other equipment, either with delegates using fire extinguishers (if in-person training and outdoor space permitting) or by video presentation and tutor demonstration. 

The Maltby Professional Services Fire Warden course is designed for a minimum of five people per session face-to-face or online and is carried out by highly trained industry experts. We provide only the highest quality, interactive and fun fire training that will leave you and your staff more knowledgeable, safe and legal. 

As well as fire warden training, we offer a wide range of Health & Safety courses in association with iHASCO, and also undertake fire risk assessments and a host of other test to maintain the safety of your workplace. We can also advise on places to source the necessary UK-safety approved fire equipment.

How to book:
Our fire safety courses start in January 2021 and are available to book now. We can provide training at your place of work, at one of our external training venues (COVID-19 permitting), or online. Contact us via email or telephone for more information and to book onto your course today.