Maltby Professional Services: The Health & Safety Experts

Maltby Professional Services:
The Health & Safety Experts

Health & Safety at work isn’t a subject every business wants to hear about. It can be seen as a bureaucratic headache, one more task to fit in. Whatever your viewpoint on Health & Safety in the workplace, it is a subject that all businesses of all size need to embrace. There is a legislative obligation to meet and every company has a duty of care to its employees.
Malty Professional Services is an expert in all aspects of Health & Safety procedures, practices and policies. We work with businesses to ensure Health & Safety measures are put in place and met, as well as consulting on all Health & Safety management plans. Here’s why you should use Maltby Professional Services for your Health & Safety strategy.

Health & Safety in the workplace is a legal requirement.

It applies to every type and size of business. The risks to employees exist whatever your industry. We understand that the law can be a minefield to navigate and that it can be difficult to know exactly what you need to do to keep your employees safe. We use our years of experience to tailor your needs to your business. Gap Analysis will help to determine what’s missing between your requirements and your current actions. One size doesn’t fit all and we will advise you on the relevant procedures you need to implement – and how to incorporate them into your business model.

Make Sure You Comply With Your Business Insurance

Any business that has employees needs employers’ liability insurance. It helps to pay any compensation costs arising from accidents in the workplace. But if you are falling short of your Health & Safety legal obligations, you will find your insurance is less likely to pay out. Maltby Professional Services can advise you on the steps you need to take to be compliant.

Protect Your Business

The average fine for a Health & Safety conviction in 2018/19 was £15,000. Even if your business can afford such a fee, wouldn’t it be worth investing a tiny proportion of that sum into Health & Safety training? We train staff in the effective use of equipment. Our management team undertake site visits to check equipment is being used correctly and at all times. We also offer comprehensive e-Learning courses.

Protect Your Employees

Legal requirements aside, your employees deserve to work in a safe environment. You can easily provide this with Maltby Professional Services. You can pick and choose the training you need, and we can advise on the most relevant for you. That includes ECS and CSCS Skillcard applications. We have a rolling 30-day contract, so you’re not tied into a lengthy agreement. You can train staff as and when you require.

Improve Your Business

Maltby Professional Services can help you become CHAS and SafeContractor accredited. The application processes can be lengthy but we do it all on your behalf. Many companies require these accreditations before allowing or considering tenders, so not having them can affect your new business success.
Health & Safety in the workplace doesn’t have to be an onerous task. Take a look at the many services Maltby Professional Services offer to take the pressure off you. We deliver quality and safe results on time and to your budget. Call us today to talk about your needs or drop us an email to see how we can help and assist you. Let us take care of everything.