extinquisher for fire warden training

Why is fire safety training so important?

Fires can destroy lives, businesses and dreams in a matter of minutes. We’ve seen the catastrophic impacts that fires can have, from whole businesses globally, to local families, homes and communities with Grenfell Tower. Over the past year alone, there have been over 231 fire-related fatalities in the UK.

Workplace fires are no less devastating due to their potential loss of human life and exposure to harm, as well as the destruction of buildings and essential business files and equipment. We all understand the lethal implications that out-of-control fires can have, but do you know how to prevent them?

Not only is fire safety training essential for the health and safety of your staff and colleagues, it’s also the law. Legislation requires businesses to have completed up-to-date fire safety training, and premises must meet the standards of The Fire Safety Order 2005, which applies to general fire safety and risk assessment across England and Wales.

Employers hold the responsibility of ensuring that their business and everyone working there is fully fire trained, and that safety measures such as fire activity records are kept up to date and fire alarms, signs and firefighting equipment are installed. Maltby Professional Services can provide your business with all the necessary training to make sure the legal requirements are met and we can advise you where to buy the equipment you need. It is vital that you only purchase approved items that meet UK safety requirements and we’d be happy to help prevent you making costly mistakes.

Even in our current COVID landscape, with many working from home, regulations still require your fire safety training and awareness to be renewed. At Maltby Professional Services we offer fully legislated online and in-person* fire safety training courses, so you’ve got one less thing to worry about. We provide a comprehensive range of essential fire services for your workplace and business, no matter how big or small. You can book your course here.

How can you create an effective fire safety strategy?

There are many ways that you can design and implement an effective and safe fire plan, but here are a few key points of action:

Carry out a fire risk assessment (Types 1-4).
Complete a complex building risk assessment.
Ensure knowledge of fire management strategies.
Create and implement evacuation plans.
Check fire protection designs, including adequate signage and exit routes.
Service and maintain fire extinguishers and fire detection systems, such as alarms.
Make sure you have at least one dedicated fire warden.

For more information about Maltby Professional Services and Fire Safety Training, or to book onto one of our fire safety training courses, contact us today.

  • Please be aware that in-person training can only be held subject to the government’s social distancing and lockdown guidelines