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Unconscious Bias

Roughly 99% of the information that our brain processes happens unconsciously, which often causes unconscious biases to occur in and out of the workplace. It is important that everybody has the knowledge to identify and tackle these biases, as they have a seriously negative impact on staff morale and productivity. This course helps the user to train their mind to …

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Time Management

This Time Management Training course offers the user crucial information on how to best take control of their time – both in and out of a work setting. It is designed to help the user plan and manage their time effectively, whilst providing tips on how to best avoid distractions. This CPD Accredited eLearning course is broken down into two …

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Stress Awareness & Management

This online Stress Awareness & Management Training course has been designed for all levels of staff to complete in order to help them identify and prevent stress in the workplace. The CPD Accredited and IOSH Approved eLearning course takes 30 minutes to complete and is followed up with a 20 question test that provides a printable certificate upon completion.

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Sexual Harassment Awareness

The online Sexual Harassment Awareness Training course has been designed to help raise awareness of sexual harassment in a workplace. It provides an insight to users on the grey-areas surrounding sexual harassment, and offers guidance on identifying, preventing, and removing sexual harassment from the users place of work. This 25 minutes online course is CPD Accredited and it provides users …


Safer Recruitment in Education

Safer recruitment is all about keeping unsuitable people away from children and vulnerable adults – a vital part of the safeguarding process. This Safer Recruitment in Education course is CPD Accredited and provides printable certificates upon completion.

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Returning to Work after COVID-19

To help with a safe and smooth transition back to the workplace during and after the COVID-19 pandemic, this course covers areas and topics that should be considered before returning to work, and it also looks at what an employee can expect on their first few days and weeks back at work. The course has been designed for the use …

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Returning to Work

This online training course helps employees who are returning to work after a long period of time off. It provides all the tools and information that the user needs to ensure a safe and smooth return to the workplace. The course will help the user to be confident in returning to work, have an understanding of their rights when returning …


Prevent Duty

Our Prevent Duty Training Course aims to educate those working in Education on their duty in the Counter-Terrorism and Security Act 2015 and to prevent children from being drawn into terrorism and radicalisation. It will also equip staff with the right tools to deal with any direct threats of radicalisation or terrorism. This Prevent Training is CPD Accredited and is …

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New & Expectant Mothers at Work

This online New and Expectant Mothers at Work Training course is designed for the use of both employers and employees alike. It covers all the information they need to know about returning to work after pregnancy. The CPD Accredited training course can be completed in just 50 minutes and provides the user with a printable certificate upon completion of the …

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Mental Health Awareness*

This Mental Health Awareness Training course helps to raise awareness of ill-mental health and offers guidance for daily wellbeing-management. However, the main focus of the course is to remove the negative stigma currently associated with mental health. Happy staff equal healthier, more productive and more successful staff. This course provides easy tips & tricks for day-to-day wellbeing-management.