Lifting operations vary in complexity; however, no matter the nature of the lifting operation, these types of activities can often place our people at great risk and incur significant costs if they fail.
By employing the services of competent professionals who provide proper planning, organisation, and resource advice, lifting operations can be delivered safely and efficiently, mitigating risk to your businesses but, more importantly, to your people.

As part of our services, Maltby Professional has partnered with JCH Construction, and now offers the following:
Lift Planning
* Provision of Designated Appointed Person (off-site).
* Review and advise on business lifting processes and procedures.
* Provide Lift Plans (single and multiple lifts) inclusive of standard schedules of lifting activities.
Project Planning
* Assistance in building robust project schedules for small to medium subcontractor works packages for delivery or tender.
* Review and advise on existing project schedules.
* Provide as-built programming, tracking progress and change to assist with commercial management of projects.

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