Health & Safety advice
via phone and email

Health & Safety involves everyone in the workplace and gives them distinct responsibilities.

Whether your business is large or small, the law requires that it shall be at a standard that is safe and a healthy place to work. Your staff must be able to go to work safe in the knowledge that they will return home again at the end of the day without fear of injury or harm. If you are an employer, it is your responsibility to ensure a healthy and safe place of work.

Some of your key responsibilities are:

  • Establish a valid occupational Health & Safety programme
  • Train your employees to do their work safely and provide proper supervision
  • Provide staff with the necessary support and training to carry out Health & Safety responsibilities
  • Ensure adequate first aid equipment, supplies and trained first aiders are on site to handle injuries
  • Regularly inspect your workplace to make sure everything is working properly and that Health & Safety standards haven’t dropped
  • Address any problems reported by workers
  • Report all injuries that required medical attention
  • Investigate incidents where workers are injured or equipment is damaged

“All [electrical] systems shall at all times be of such construction as to prevent, so far as reasonably practical, such danger.”

For a monthly retainer fee, you will be able to contact us via telephone and email and receive all the Health & Safety support and advice you need. This service, along with all the other services we have mentioned, will cover all the topics listed above.

This will mean that you can have the reassurance and peace of mind that all your Health & Safety needs are covered and any information or advice is just a click or a call away.

Maltby Professional Services can be there for you when you need us most.